Who are we?


Crow Creative Agency was founded in late May, 2017 by two madmen – Cavid & Toghrul Aghayevs (we are not related though!). Always looking for opportunities to publish our work with the world, we are also eager to meet like minded pals.

creative (\krē-ˈā-tiv\) – you are probably fed up with the word if you are hanging around in the advertisement sector long enough. We are not just creative but also imitative! Ever dreamed of making an trailer video but didn’t know how to do it? Ever wanted to realize your ideal minimalistic logo? Then we are here to help you as much as we can.

We will imitate the dreams you’ve created!

Seeking adventure or may be a hobby? We have vast numbers of freelancers and influencers. Join us today!

Our Services



We provide SMM (Social Media Marketing) services with our experienced team.


Videography is one of our most loved tasks! Custom scenario? Video effects? Strong message? Well that’s what we are for!


Stunning and beautiful photos – food photography, special occasions, product marketing? You choose!


We provide solutions for your website. Don’t have one? We set it up. Already have one? Better!


New to business? In need of name, logo or slogan? No worries, we got it!


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a must nowadays. Google is your best friend and enemy at the same time. We make sure she stays a friend!

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